is the home of Gina Giannetti, web developer and top scorer on Ms.Pacman.

I built my first website when I was 12. At the time I was obsessed with playing The Sims on a huge PC my parents had in the hallway of our house. I felt like the wardrobe in the original Sims was seriously lacking and thus set about creating some new clothes in Photoshop that were loosely based on 80s nostalgia. I recall baby pink jump suits and those little high heels that Barbie used to wear (maybe she still does). I saved my sartorial creations in a zip file alongside .txt instructions on how to inject them into your game by dropping them into the relevant folder in C:/Program Files. I then uploaded this onto my website as downloadable content and voila! Gina Fashion, my first web site, was born. I knew nothing about SEO, driving traffic and despite begging other (wildy more successful) Sim sites to put my banner in the footer of their site... I had virtually no hits.

Then, as I got older (still on the same PC in the hallway) I honed my skills on myspace, creating a snazzy profile with a cat that followed your mouse around the page. At the time there wasn't much in the way of wysiwyg editors so the only people that strayed away from template HTML were those who genuinely wanted to learn, for no reason other than having a bright pink scrollbar (RIP scrollbars).

The internet was a simpler place in the 90s and I still do credit the chat room Web Building Chat on AOL with much of my knowledge.

I tucked away my love of web design to pursue a career in Fashion, I then did a degree in French and Spanish because I couldn't decide on anything concrete and thought more languages can't possibly be a bad thing. Then I hit a wall trying to figure out what would make me happy. I looked back to the last time I worked on something for no reason other than the absolute love of it.

This brings us to today where I still enjoy doing this things. I am comfortable working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript (including JQuery and TypeSript), Github, SQL and I'm always learning more. I am excited to see where the latest technology is taking us but I remember where I started and I hold it very dear to my heart. I also still remember my neopets password but I guess some internet gems are probably best left unearthed.

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